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Thank You!
A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story

"A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story" would not
have been possible without the generous contributions
from the many individuals listed below, who both funded
the original documentary and also the recent Kickstarter
campaign - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! - Lane Wyrick

Kickstarter Contributors ----- Original Contributors

A Friend Indeed - Successfully funded Kickstarter campaign

Click here to go to the Kickstarter campaign site

Thanks to the following Kickstarter Contributors for successfully funding our campaign to get "A Friend Indeed" out to PBS Stations across the nation!!!

Major Funding Provided by

Diane Crookham-Johnson
Richard S. Levitt
James McAuley
Harold Williamson
Darrell & Shirley Wyrick

Special Thanks to

Kristi Abuissa
Victoria J. Airy
Catherine Alter/Carl Adkins
Mary Andrus
Emily Ashenfelter
Clar Baldus & C.J. Ong, Jr.
Mary Barber
Eric R. Barlow, M.D.
Sally Bartlett
Sally Beckman
Lisa M. Borman Bednar
Madeline Roemig Bendorf
Andrew Berger
Karen Berger
Mercedes & Mike Bern-Klug
Jackie Blank
Michelle Blankenship
David Boostrom
Carey Bostian & Miera Kim
Willard & Susan Boyd
Hans Breder
Roderick & Lois Briggs
Kathy Brogan
Brent Brown
Andre Todd Bruni
Laurie Calkins
Mary S. Carlsen
Joye Chizek
Marsha and Don Clark
Alice and JP Claussen
Kent and Nancy Cole
John & Mary Ann Colloton
Andrea Connors
Shawn Coons
Karrie & Andrew Craig
Albert Cram
Bill Crowley
Jill Cryer
Jill Dahl
Sabina and Brandon Daywater
Nancy Dearborn
Bobbi Jo van Deusen
David and Sally Dierks
Bruce Jack Doepke
Judy and Allan Dorosin
Mary DuCharme
Kelly & Ann Durian
Laurey Easland
Bob and Betty Ehrle
Leon Emmons
Robert & Elizabeth Engel
Verne Folkmann
Celine Fortin
Bill & Carole Gauger
Sandi Gerdes
Kevin & Sandy Gleaves
David Gompper
Herb Goodfriend
Tom+Eve Green
Cary J. Hahn
Garry & Susann Hamdorf
Nora Fox Handler
Dr. Elva S. Harper
Nila Haug
Henriikka Hemmi
Jerry Hilgenberg
Margaret Hixon
Doreen M. Holte
Mary Jedlicka Humston
Esther L Huston
Monica Jarvis
Frederick & Beverly Johlin
Jo Lavera Jones
Paul Kakert
Barbara & Dolfi Kalm
Bahri Karacay
Tom Keyser
Geoff King
Vicky Knickerbocker
Annette Knoepfler
Karla Knudsen
John Konopski
John J Korkie
R. Scott Kramer
Justin Kreitzburg
Isabelle Krichel
Charles Larson
Mildred H. Lavin
Laura Law
Van Lees
Karen J. Leff
Phil & Joyce Leff
Brad Lint and Kathleen Uehling
Cassandra Jensen Longeway
Georgette Loucks
Pena Lubrica
Terry MacGregor
Joan Mannheimer
Christopher Marner & family
Gene Matthews
Mickey McBride
Hermine McLeran
Linda Gibson-McMahon
Christopher McNally
Virginia Melroy
Tom and Janice Miller
Cliff Missen
T-J & Ruth Mohr
Melinda Moore
Michael and Jewell Morow
Craig Mosher
Patrick Muller
Terry & Susan Mulligan
Rebecca Neades
Patricia Neville
Dave & Fran Nielsen
Cindy Norwood
Dan & Jane Odem
Jerry Oelrich
Al Olson
Cheri Olson
Darcy Dietrich Pacheco
Polly Pagliai
Jefri Palermo
Lee & Janna Pauser
Chuck Peters
Sue Petersen
Patricia M. Peterson
Ruth & Phil Polgreen
John Raley
Marian Rees
Hilary Rice
Jean and John Rich
Tim and Julie Rider
Toni Rogers
Rob Rotman
Dorinda Webber Kessler Rupe
Fran Ryan
Bruce & Laurel Saunders
Ed and Jeanne Saunders
Deborah Schense
Jeff Schnack
Dean and Marjorie Schowengerdt
Chris Schwarz
David Schweer
Sara Shepherd
Stephen and Belinda Siglin
Deborah Pava Singer
David A. Smith
Robert D. Sparks, MD
Susan Spray
Alan/Sharon Kay Stang
Robert & Betty Stein
Ruth Stober
Matthew Stockman
Flo Stockman
Jamie L. Studts
Lois & Dick Stump
Alan & Liz Swanson
Shawn Thompson
Amanda Tomasikiewicz
Lemuel Torrevillas
Randy Trca
Dr. John E. Tyrrell, M.D.
Bernice Upin
John Vasey
Darlene Vorhies
Tom Walz
The Warren Family
Dr. Christopher and Carol Wendler
William R Whitmore
Gary and LaDonna Wicklund
Julie Williamson
Timothy Wilson
James & Lena Wockenfuss
Julie Worden
Jay and Sol Yoder
Tyler Zeh


Collage of marquees and audience for A Friend Indeed

Thanks to these contributors to the creation of the original feature length documentary who believed in this inspirational production from the very beginning!!!

Major Funding Provided by

Richard S. & Jeanne S. Levitt
Thomas L. & Lori P. Cardella
Kathy Holden
Al Hallene, Jr.
Hills Bank and Trust Company
Darrell & Shirley Wyrick
Barry Morrow
Extend the Dream Foundation
Hargrave-McEleney Employees
Tom Walz
Jane France & Chris Allison
Marvin Pomerantz
John Crawford
Richard & Phyllis Braverman
Chuck Skaugstad Jr.,
Steve Alford & Mike Hodge
Dan & Jane Odem
Robin Winter Odem
Dale & Rejeanne Hankins

Special Thanks to

Vicki Airy
Brad & Janice Baldes
Mercedes & Mike Bern-Klug
Jackie Blank
David Bloesch
John & Ellen Buchanan
City of Iowa City
Ron Clark
John & Mary Ann Colloton
Community Foundation of Johnson County
Aletha Dunlavy
Leon Emmons
John & Randee Fieselmann
Jim & Lynn Gardner
Goodwill Industries of Southeast Iowa
Garry & Susan Hamdorf
Paul Hanley
Iowa City/Coralville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Iowa City Press Citizen
Iowa City Veterans Medical Center
Iowa State Bank & Trust
Johnson County Historic Society/
Historic Coralville Schoolhouse
John Kammermeyer
Jeff & Michelle Larson
Jim & Elisabeth Leach
Brad Lint & Kathleen Uehling
Mary Lyman
David & Wendy Maeglin
G.M."Duke" & Della McGrath
Rod Mickle
The Minikahda Club
Thomas & Kathryn Nereim
Thomas & Barbara Nicknish
Dr. William H. & Bertha S. Olin
Ted Pacha
Armond & Polly Pagliai
Chuck & Mary Ann Peters
Julia Rask
Guy & Martha Craft Rosenberg
Dick & Joann Sargent
Ed & Jeanne Saunders
Charles A. & Marilyn Skaugstad
Dick & Lois Stump
Rich Stump
Dick & Joyce Summerwill
Mettie & Gregs Thomopulos
TruArt Color Graphics/Bankers Advertising
University of Iowa Community Credit Union
Harold Weilbrenner
Harold Williamson

Additional Thanks to

Agudas Achim Congregation
Marilyn K. Austin
Tory Christensen
Helen Dailey
Kelly & Ann Durian
Tom Gilsenan
Richard & Margery Hoppin
Cassandra Jensen
Edy Katzer
Genie & Joe Patrick
Carolyn LeMaster Potts
Pat Powers
William & Doris Preucil
Mitch Rotman
Debbie Pava Singer & Steven Singer
Mildred Wilslef
Kristen Aller & Gordie Felger

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